Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Does My Friend’s Story Sound Like Yours?

She had been wanting a tattoo forever but either I was too young or something always got in the way. Well she got a little older and was finally able to get one.

She knew she wanted one but had no idea of how to tell the tattoo artist what it should look like. She kind of had a little idea of what she wanted but could never get it across like she needed to.

The result was she got a tattoo but it wasn’t what she wanted. So she walked out of the shop disappointed and annoyed.

She couldn’t really blame the artist because they were only doing what they thought she wanted. But she was upset about it.

Well she was looking around online and she found this nice membership site called Tattoo Me Now! It finally gave her exactly what she was looking for … which was some clear direction on how to get the tattoo she wanted.

But I must admit she was kind of turned off at first. She couldn’t believe that someone would actually dedicate a whole membership site to helping others find their dream tattoos.

She felt this was too good to be true and was probably a SCAM! She just didn’t think it would work. Why should she have to pay to learn how to get a good tattoo???

But she kept thinking to myself, “I would really hate to go back to that shop and experience another let down like my first tattoo. Wouldn’t it be great if I could be able to give a clear description and print out of what I wanted and even get advice before I go into the shop?”

After thinking about it a few days. She was like “What the Hell? I will join but I will probably be let down again.”

They said there was a 60 DAY Money Back Guarantee. So If she didn’t like it then she could always just send an email to the support desk and get her refund immediately.

Once she joined she started digging in. And learned how important it is to pick a tattoo that she will be able to live her whole life through with. She learned the warning signs to look out for when choosing a tattoo parlor or tattoo artist.

She saw that the design she had in her head was good ,but there were wicked cool additions she could add to it by including details from various other tattoos shown in the private galleries on the site.

She was able to print out her tattoo design idea , show it to her local artist, and have it done the way she wanted.

She walked out of the shop a very happy customer. Now whenever she is out and someone notices her tattoo they are shocked at how good it looks. She is proud to show it off to friends and family.

Now while this is a good product. There was one drawback she didn’t like at all! For instance, she was bit overwhelmed at first.

She had wished they would have given a guide on which sections would be most helpful for whatever stage you were in during her tattoo process.

She contacted customer support and filed a complaint about this. They apologized and quickly gave her tips on how to get the most out of their site right away.

You can buy from this company and trust them because they care about their customers and will do whatever it takes to make the experience pleasant.

The value of this site is really high.

You get the following additional bonuses when you join!

You &Your Tattoo: What You Need To Know

Audio Book & Ebook that explains everything you need to know about tattoos

Got Ink? Ebook

How do you choose a tattoo? And how do you best care for it when it's done? It's all in here!
*Includes 250 inspiring tattoo photos!*
A $27 Value
3,300+ Names & Words in Chinese

Want 'love' or 'peace' or maybe your name tattooed in Chinese? No problem with these 3,300 beautiful names & words!

(A $49 value)

You get over 3000 designs to choose from in their exclusive gallery.

Reviews on Tattoo Studios Across the World

Question and Answer Forums for your most burning questions...

Super Nice Video Vault which allows you to see all kinds of informative videos on the art of tattooing. These you can’t find anywhere esle not even on Youtube.

Even if you decide you do not like the site you get to keep  the bonuses forever.

All of this could easily be set at $300 for all of the resources you will be getting access to. This is not the price though, it is actually at a pretty good deal considering what you will be receiving plus the bonuses.

These exclusive tattoo videos, mega-guides and high dollar tattoo designs are hard to come by in one bundle.But here they are gathered together for maximum value to you.

Not only did this membership site help my friend and others ,but I was thrilled when I found out that I could make money from promoting it. So everytime someone goes to the website and buys by thanking me they give me a little bit of money.

Now I would not risk my reputation telling you about a product that is totally crappy. This because if it really wasn’t that great then I could get sued and would have to take my blog down. So my reputation is on the line.

It is a good thing that this is good product and I really believe in it. It has helped others tremendously. I like it so much that I am promoting it and making money to boot.

By clicking the link below I will send you my own 5 Set Customized Special Downloadable Tattoo Videos ($70 value)  that have Never Before Been Seen (upon proof of receipt for membership site). You can’t even get this on the membership site it’s self! They will show you:

How to Prepare For Getting a Tattoo – Watch This Now or be Left in the Dark Forever!

How Bad Does it Hurt to Get a Tattoo? Why the Truth Can Hurt

How Long Does it Take For a Tattoo to Heal? Get the Dirty Truth Now

How Can I Get Tattoo Magazines by Mail - See This Or Remain Empty Handed

and  Much More!!!

You will have all of these in addition to your membership site perks videos. Even if you decide to cancel.

All you have to do is send a copy of your receipt (as proof of purchase) to mcmarkcompass1@gmail.com and I will send you a link to download all of the bonuses.

These are yours to keep whether you stick with the membership site or not. So click below to join now.

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Once you have paid  a receipt will be emailed to you  about your new membership. Then you can forward a copy of that  to  mcmarkcompass1@gmail.com. Once this is received I will send the link to register for your bonuses all within 24 hours.

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